Revealing Revelation

Book design for the artist David Miles' depiction of Revelation, the last book of the Bible. Nearly 200 pages explore the artist’s twenty year journey to visualise and create fourteen of the images told in Revelation. It is a rich visual record of the artist’s physical involvement with the making of the images alongside other historical reinterpretations by artists such as Blake and Turner. The large format (270mm x 318mm) deliberately mimics turn of the century Bible texts with it’s extended margins. Set in Futura, the Bible references are all indented within the main text and printed in a special dark grey. This same grey is used on the cover, to frame the imagery and break up the section dividers. In contrast a golden yellow is used to hi-light the often regal elements in the imagery such as heavenly light, thrones and crowns etc. This yellow is also echoed in the end papers and head and tail bands of the book. Some of the images are shown as large details over a double page spread to show off the minute detail and help the viewer feel totally absorbed by the stories conveyed.

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