BCU interior branding

Birmingham City University required a new identity* and integrated interior for their Visual Communication department. Starting with their Open Studio, which measures approx 700sq meters, the solution was to cut into the existing carpet tiles and insert new, vibrant colour in to the floor, taking your eye away from the cold white walls and visually move you through the space. Large directional chevrons were used for this. One aisle of the studio uses non slip 'concrete' tiles to accommodate an area where students could use wet materials. The graphic device of the chevron was taken from the new Viscom branding for the School where they were used as an integrated part of the visual identity. One end of the studio is covered in a mirror vinyl with the Viscom logo cut out of it. This created a privacy screen for the offices behind whilst creating a dynamic reflection of activity and colour from the Open Studio. *see Viscom identity project for more details

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